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 Hello, lovely creator!!

I hope you're excited for HQ Hols, and I'm certainly very excited to be your recipient and to see what you'll create!!

A quick summary of the ships/friendships/dynamics I’ve requested plus the ratings I'd like these kept to (there some ships which double up in here: these are the ones in which a gen friendship fic would also be ideal):
Gen (G/T)
  • Vice-Captains Squad
  • Forgotten Miyagi Captains Squad
  • Fukurodani
  • Kinoshita & Narita
  • Konoha & Washio
Ships (G/T)
  • Iwaizumi/Oikawa/Sugawara
Ships (G/T/M)
  • Kinoshita/Narita
  • Konoha/Suzumeda
  • Konoha/Washio
  • Konoha/Bokuto
  • Konoha/Akaashi/Bokuto

I’ll list some general fic yays and nays before I get into suggestions of things you could write for each ship/friendship/dynamic.

General fic ideas/stuff I like:
  • Hogwarts/expanded HP universe AU (only stipulation for this is if it's a Hogwarts-centric fic and Suga appears in it, that he's a Hufflepuff)
  • Steampunk AU
  • Magical realism
  • Fantasy AU (high fantasy, modern fantasy, Japanese mythology)
  • Professional ballet company AU
  • Theatres
  • Unusual/not-oft explored friendships and senpai-kouhai dynamics
  • Abandoned/semi-abandoned spaces (both in a gritty reality and slightly fantastical sense)
  • Night-time wandering (night-time anything, to be honest)
  • Stormy weather
  • Life/shared interests outside volleyball (for canon compliant fics)
  • Established relationships (and I do prefer this to getting-together fic, in case you were wondering)
  • Hurt/comfort (this is my biggest weakness)
  • Driving, being in cars
  • Smut-wise: bondage, lingerie, body worship, role reversal in positions; big fan of aftercare scenes as well
Stuff I don't like:
  • Side pairings/background pairings, including allusions to these
  • Character death (major or minor)
  • Terminal illness
  • Major debilitating injury
  • Rape/noncon/dubcon
  • Breakups (temporary or permanent) (and this includes friendship dissolutions)
  • Using parental terminology to refer to high school volleyball players, even jokingly (e.g. I do not want Daichi and Suga referred to as “Dad” and “Mom” or any variation thereof)
  • De-aging/aging up of select characters (what I mean by this is: AU where (for example) all of Karasuno is in their 20s is okay; AU where (for example) the third years are parents and the second/first years are their children, or AU where, say, Narita is a university professor and Kinoshita is an 18-year-old first year is not)
  • AUs: Pacific Rim, dystopia of any sort (this includes AUs such as Hunger Games, zombie apocalypse, end of the world etc.), omegaverse, Halloween/Christmas/Western holidays/festivals, Americanized university/college, high school dropout, MC as a single parent... [more might be added up to and including April 17] If you’re unsure and want to clarify whether something’s okay or not, send me a message via the exchange mod, and I’ll let you know.

If you choose to write one of these first four, I’d like it kept at a G or T rating—no smut, please! I will repeat this again later in the letter, but it especially pertains to the gen fics—no pairings, no romance (nothing in the background, nothing implied, none of the main characters).

Vice Captains Squad Past and Present (Sugawara, Kamasaki, Aone, Iwaizumi, Aihara, Kai, Akaashi)
You’ve heard of the captains squad, the pretty setter squad—but what about the vice captains? What would their dynamic be like? 
In a canonical setting, I’d love to see this bunch having an adventure on the set of one of Ennoshita’s crazy film projects, either one that’s been or else a future project of your choosing (parody your favourite film! Or the one with the best use of negative space! Or the one with the most interesting lighting! Or just one you think is cool and that a bunch of high-schoolers shouldn’t be able to pull off!) If you’re not keen for that, AU settings are all good too! Comedy, sticky situations, unusual friendships between this motley bunch! Seriously, go to town with this, have fun with it!
Forgotten Miyagi captains (Michimiya, Moniwa, Nakashima)
Look, Moniwa always gets overlooked in the captains’ squad. And people never seem to remember about Michimiya or Nakashima either. So, for this fic, I’d like these three to take centre stage! I’m very open about what you choose to do here: either canon/canon-compliant past/future fic or AUs are fine. I’d love to see comparisons and contrasts drawn between these three in terms of the decisions they’ve made, the regrets or aspirations they've held... This might be a group to consider if you wanted to go for a more abstract style of fic, with maybe less direct interaction but more introspection or chance meetings or character study or something of that ilk. 
AU or canon, strong focus on team dynamics. Some things I love: third year sextet (including Yukie) dynamics; Washio, Sarukui and Konoha’s roles in the team; everyone being Onaga’s weird good senpai; Yukie being unofficial top dog (let’s face it, she is); Yukie and Kaori’s friendships with each other or the others in the team… This is such a fun team, and I’d love to see other people’s interpretations of them. My one ask is that you centre it on characters other than Bokuto and Akaashi (that's not to say that those two can't have a big role in the story)—but let’s see the minor characters in the spotlight!!

Either established slice-of-life or getting together with a strong emphasis on IwaSuga dynamic. Either canon-compliant or AU is fine. Happy ending!!
Please note that the following sets of pairings can be M-rated, I am all good with smut here. (Nothing too kinky, hence M-rating max, it must be consensual and they must both be over 18, and you definitely don’t have to, but the option is there if you would like and if you are 18+.)
A N Y T H I N G. I will honestly be happy with anything you write with these two most likely. See my list of AUs and scenarios I like if you want some direction, or honestly write what you like. Romance is A+++ (established relationship preferred); I also love these two gen, so something with a focus on their friendship with each other, with Ennoshita and the other Karasuno second years; or with a focus on how they fit into the team’s dynamic/their relationship with the third/first years, THEM GETTING TO PLAY IN AN OFFICIAL/PRACTICE MATCH !!!
Ahem. Or, you know, gen in an AU. I am so easily satisfied with these two. Angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, fun times, introspection… I’d also love to see something based around current concerns of theirs (that you, dear creator, would have full artistic licence on seeing as Furudate hasn’t given them any yet)... I DID SAY ANYTHING.  Also. Sex is good if you want to write sex :D
Konoha ship fic (either Konoha/Kaori, Konoha/Washio, Konoha/Bokuto or Konoha/Bokuto/Akaashi)
ROMANCE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN. Honestly I am not picky about this, just… established relationship is preferred, and a happy ending, and apart from that go. WILD. See my list of general fic ideas if you want a starting point (and… I really really really like hurt/comfort if you’re up for that). I think my one exception to the established relationship would be Konoha/Bokuto/Akaashi; I’d also be super keen for a getting-together fic for them.

So. I hope that you were able to get through all of that (I'm sorry it was so long!). Please, feel free to get in touch with me via the mod if you have any questions, I'll be very happy to answer them—and most importantly, I hope you have a lot of fun writing! I'm very excited to see what you'll write, and I'm already certain that I'll love it. Best writing wishes to you—may you produce all your words with minimum headaches and writer's block, may your coffee or drink of choice be well-brewed and give you fortification, and may you find that one piece of prose or dialogue that gives you that great writing spurt and tells you "yes—I've got this!".

Good luck!


PS. Have some Team B to cheer you on!!! (plus bonus Tsukki looking pretty):

team b and tsukki


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